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Digital technology to save you and your business time and money

Digital technology to save you and your business time and money

It’s the beginning of the year and right about now we all start looking for new ideas and ways to improve our productivity. Maybe it’s a good time to upgrade some of your current tools? We’ve put together some of the key areas that digital technology could help to improve your work life in 2019.

Daily workflow

Event planning and yearly schedules can be so much easier thanks to digital technology. Workflow tools such as Trello or Asana can help you plan your day, week, or year. You can share your schedule with your team to help plan out projects and keep track of everyone’s progress. You can also make event planning easier to manage through social media like Facebook. Create an event, invite attendees, keep track of RSVPs, post reminders and keep everyone informed of any updates in the lead up to the event.

Finance management

You and your business can say goodbye to the mass storage of paperwork. Budget apps, banking apps, even ATO tax apps are all available to help you organise your financial tasks. Apps such as Invoiceable or Ronin can help you generate invoices automatically. You can use the ATO app to digitally record your receipts and deductions and export them directly into your tax return. Intrust Super’s clearing house, SCH Online, can help streamline superannuation payments to employees. Organise your financial life and save yourself time thanks to the systems available through digital technology.


If much of your work involves travel from place to place, there are a myriad of online tools that can help streamline your travel plans. Airline apps and internet services allow you to check-in online, purchase extra baggage and pre-plan your meals. Some even allow internet access while you’re in-transit, so you can stay connected while you’re in the air. Online mapping services and transport apps can also improve your travel time if you’re on the road – alerting you to road closures, accidents and service disruptions in real-time.

Staff management

Social media is becoming an easy and affordable way to connect to your customers, but it can also be a great way to connect with your employees. You can set up groups or pages for your staff to access. Then you can post news, announcements and even recruitment opportunities. Keep everyone informed on company news by posting it on the platform they spend most of their spare time on. It can also be a useful way of sharing shift schedules and event invitations to everyone in your workplace.


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