Insurance claims

Making an insurance claim? Intrust Super can help

As your superannuation fund, it’s our job to ensure you receive any insurance benefits you are entitled to. We will do everything we can to support your claim and have it properly considered by the insurer.

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Many members engage a lawyer before they lodge an insurance application. It’s important to know that once you do so, any insurance benefit you receive as a result could be significantly reduced by fees paid to the lawyer.

It’s easy to assume that your superannuation fund will not pay out insurance claims unless it is pressured to do so. But Intrust Super only enters into contracts with insurers who can show they will approve all reasonable claims.

If you need to make a claim, please get in touch with us. It is part of our service to guide and support you throughout the claims process. This also includes if our insurer has decided that it will decline your claim. We will work with you to consider your claim is and we will take up your case on your behalf with the insurer. By law, we must consider any claims that the insurer declines.

For more information please contact us on 132 467.  Or you can complete the required forms here:

Our legal obligations
We have a legal obligation to ‘do everything that is reasonable to pursue an insurance claim for the benefit of a beneficiary, if the claim has a reasonable prospect of success.’ So not only do we support your right to insurance benefits you are entitled to, we are also legally obligated to ensure your claim is properly considered by the insurer.