Use it or lose it!

Did you know there’s currently around $18 billion of lost superannuation “out there” somewhere? This money belongs to everyday people like you. $18 billion could:

  • plug the federal budget deficit for four years
  • fly you around the world 2,800,000 times (or 814,000 times if you fly first class)
  • fund the online shopping of all Australians for a year

More importantly, part of that $18 billion could help fund your future retirement and let’s face it – it’s your money!

For a 30-year old, $2,000 in super now could mean an extra $14,000 at retirement. That’s not small change!

Try our online Super Calculator to find out what sort of difference you could make to your savings.

There are other reasons to keep track of your super. Superannuation provides a good, cost effective way of insuring you and your loved ones against the financial hardships that arise from injury, sickness, disablement and death.

You have a 1 in 3 chance of losing your income for at least three months, due to illness or injury – the income protection attached to your super fund could help plug that cashflow gap.

If you weren’t being paid, could you still afford to pay your bills? Having income protection as part of your super fund can help protect you from losing that cash.
Whether you’re a casual or permanent employee, Intrust Super’s Payguard income protection product can pay 90% of your wage for up to two years if you become injured or sick. You don’t have to fork out extra cash for the premiums as they’re deducted from your super.

All you need to do is ensure your employer is paying your super contributions into your Intrust Super account.

Find out more about our income protection cover here.

Multiple super funds means multiple fees!

Would you pay your phone bill twice? Or your rent or rates? How about your bank fees?

No-one wants to pay a bill twice – yet the average person has more than one superannuation fund “out there” and pays fees on each of them. Some people have up to seven superannuation funds!

Joining your superannuation funds together is easy; you can use our Online Super Transfer Form to roll any other funds into Intrust Super. We can even help you track down any funds that you have lost over the years.

Give us a call on 132 467 to find out more.

Most importantly – find your lost super!!

It’s easy – we can do it for you. Our Online Super Transfer Form automatically searches for your lost super on the ATO's SuperSeeker database - just make sure you have your tax file number on hand.

So – what are you waiting for??

For a 30-year old, $2,000 in super now could mean an extra $14,000 at retirement. That’s not small change!