The Australian Coat of Arms, with the words The Treasury beneath them.

Federal Budget moved to 2 April 2019!

Federal Budget moved to 2 April 2019!


The Government has announced the 2019 Federal Budget will be moved from its traditional date in May to the first Tuesday in April.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison made the announcement ahead of speculation surrounding the date of next year’s Federal Election.

Mr Morrison said that the Budget will be presented on Tuesday, 2 April 2019, with the Federal Election to be held after this date.

“Before we go to the next election, we will be handing down a Budget,” he said.

The Federal Budget has traditionally been presented each year on the second Tuesday in May. The new date will allow the Government to announce their Budget plans for 2019-20 before Australians head to the polls for the election, predicted to take place in May.

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