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What does good service mean to you?

What does good service mean to you?


If any of your staff work in customer service, it’s likely that question has been asked at almost every job interview they’ve attended. They probably have a ready-made answer prepared in their head. The truth is that good customer service can mean a variety of things to different workplaces and customers. We’ve taken a closer look at some of the key factors involved in providing excellent customer service.

Going the extra mile

Good customer service can be reflected in the extra effort staff put in for customers. It might mean helping a customer to their hotel room and checking in with them to make sure they’re enjoying their stay. It could mean following up on the quality of a meal and ensuring any complaints get addressed. Seeing a customer’s problem or query through to its conclusion can help ensure they feel satisfied with their experience. At Intrust Super, going the extra mile means touching base with your staff through personalised service. We welcome new members with a call to assist them with setting up their account. We also check in with long-term members to ensure their needs are being met. With Intrust Super, you can be sure your staff are receiving personalised service wherever and whenever possible.

Timely assistance

When a customer seeks help, it’s generally because they want quick and easy assistance. In a busy hotel, restaurant or club, this means managing customers’ needs so no one is kept waiting for long. If your staff need assistance from Intrust Super, they shouldn’t expect to wait on hold at a call centre. Instead, staff can call their personal account manager directly with any queries or issues.

Do your staff have their Intrust Super account manager’s number? If not, they can fill in this form to request a Contact Card and receive contact details that will save straight to their phone!

Knowing your own product

Customers who ask for help are generally looking for expert advice. So it’s important to know the product. Hospitality floor staff are always prepared for questions on menu recommendations or allergy-free options. In the same way, the Intrust Super customer service teams can explain the complexities surrounding superannuation to anyone that needs assistance. If you are looking for contribution assistance, you can contact your Relationship Manager for help. Any staff seeking super help can expect to receive expert information from their personal account manager. And anyone looking for advice on superannuation can receive qualified help from the Intrust360° financial advisers.

Helping the customer get the best out of the services on offer

The customer doesn’t always know about all the services or options that are available to them. That’s why it’s up to service staff to help customers get the best out of an experience. Hospitality staff can help customers choose the right meal for their tastes and appetite, or the right hotel package to suit their needs. In superannuation, good customer service can help members get the best out of their retirement savings. If your staff need assistance with their super account, information on making contributions, or advice on improving their savings, let them know that help at Intrust Super is never far away. They can get in touch here to start making the most of their superannuation account!