An egg that’s worth looking after this Easter!

An egg that’s worth looking after this Easter!


A very happy Easter to all our members and their families! You may be taking advantage of the public holidays this week to enjoy some extra leave. But if you work in hospitality, Easter might be the only time of year when you have a chance of enjoying a day off with everyone else.

Whatever your situation, it could be a good opportunity to set up your retirement nest egg while you enjoy the chocolate ones! Here are a few quick ways you can look after your nest egg now, so it can grow in the background for you until retirement.

Check your balance

How long has it been since you logged into your super account and checked your balance? By logging in to Intrust Super’s MemberAccess, you can view your account balance, check that your contact details are correct or even change your investment options. Logging in regularly to see how much your balance is growing month to month or even year to year is one of the easiest ways to start engaging with your super and looking after your retirement nest egg.

Not yet registered for MemberAccess? You can register here in a few easy steps.

Combine your accounts

Once you’ve checked your balance with Intrust Super, you should check if you have any other super accounts. Multiple super accounts could mean your retirement savings are being unnecessarily reduced by multiple sets of fees. Combining them into one account could help your balance grow more efficiently1.

Intrust Super is proud to offer our members Industry fund low fees, strong returns2 and Best Value Insurance in Superannuation3. You can combine your extra super accounts with your Intrust Super account by logging in to MemberAccess and clicking the ‘Find your extra super’ banner.

Update your employer

It’s important to take your super fund with you if you ever change jobs. By taking your super account with you from job to job, you can help your balance grow altogether in one account throughout your career. Intrust Super has an easy-to-complete form available online. Just fill out your details and provide the form to your new employer.

1Before consolidating your super fund, you should ensure that you consider the adequacy of your insurance cover, policy terms and potential exit fees under your existing superannuation accounts.
2Independent Superannuation research house SuperRatings has awarded Intrust Super a Platinum rating [Best value for money fund] for the last 13 consecutive years. More detail regarding our historical returns can be found at https://www.intrustsuper.com.au/unit-prices-returns/. Past performance is not an indication of future performance.
3Awarded by Money magazine 2013-2018.