Nominating a beneficiary allows you to say who receives your super and any death insurance you may have if you pass away.

Your dependents

A dependent is a spouse (husband, wife or anyone you live with in a genuine domestic relationship), child, someone who is financially dependent on you, or any person you have an interdependency relationship with.

You can make a binding or non-binding nomination.

Non-binding nomination

You can make a non-binding nomination with your MemberAccess account or by calling us on 132 467.

A non-binding nomination acts as a guide only, as we’re bound by superannuation and trust law when making a decision. We’ll consider your nomination, but there’s a chance your super and any insurance benefit could go to someone other than your preferred nominee/s.

For example, the Trust could deem you have dependents with a greater need than those you’ve nominated in line with our legal obligations.

A non-binding nomination doesn’t expire, so if you change your mind for any reason, you’ll need to change your nomination.

Binding nomination

A binding nomination ensures we do pay your benefit to the specific beneficiaries noted by you.

A Binding death benefit notice to Trustee form will need to be completed. Important to note is that this nomination is only valid for three years from the date you sign and date the form.

If you don’t choose a beneficiary

If you don’t choose a beneficiary, we’ll pay your benefit in accordance with superannuation and trust law. We’ll investigate if you have any dependents and make a decision based on who we determine has the greatest needs.

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