Four ways to make uni life easier May 23, 2019

Teenage students using laptops in library

Four ways to make uni life easier

When you’re feeling under pressure with study and work, it gets much harder to maintain a healthy work-life balance. Here are a few tips to help you make sure you have time for yourself as well as your studies this semester.

Balance your priorities

Working part-time while studying can get overwhelming, especially if you have a lot of contact hours or need to spend much of your spare time working on assignments and exam study. Remember that you still need time to yourself! Even just making sure you have a few hours on a Sunday afternoon to veg in front of the TV can help lift any pressure you might be feeling about the week ahead. If you can, try to work on your assignments and study early on your days off, so you don’t feel like you’re spending your free time procrastinating.

Give yourself a chance to recover when you’re sick

Working and studying through sniffly noses and sore throats might feel like par for the course at this point. Unfortunately, assignments won’t get themselves done and bills won’t pay themselves just because you feel poorly. If you do get struck by something that’s more serious, however, it’s important to give yourself time to recover. Even if you still have to deal with your university study, the load will feel much lighter if you don’t have to work as well.

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Embrace the schedule

Managing your time can be a challenge when assignments are due or exams are approaching. It’s doubly hard when you add juggling work shifts into the mix. A useful way to manage these competing priorities is to embrace some sort of schedule. Plan out your study hours, contact hours and work schedule on your phone calendar, so you know exactly how much spare time you have week to week. There’s nothing worse than volunteering for some extra shifts and then realising you have an exam coming up that you’ll have no time to study for.

Get online

Letting your domestic tasks fall behind can make you feel more stressed. When your day is filled with lectures, tutes and study, and your nights and weekends are reserved for work shifts, day-to-day domestics end up taking a back seat. Luckily, you can manage a lot of tasks online. Set up direct debits to manage your money, so you don’t have to worry about paying bills on time. Just set yourself a reminder before the due date to double check you’ll have enough in your account. You can also make Medicare claims, insurance claims, and manage your super online!