Free things to do in your city May 29, 2018


Free things to do in your city


Eating out with friends or meeting up to go to local events is a fine way to spend your days off work, but it can mean busy social lives become costly. We’ve put together a list of fun and free activities to take up your time instead – leaving you with more savings.

Explore your city

If you own a bike already, you’ve got all you need for a whole new adventure. Grab some friends and explore your city on two wheels. It’s a great way to see the sights and clock in some exercise. Don’t have a bike? Journeys on foot can be just as fun. Get yourself to a neighbourhood you haven’t been to before and start exploring. There’s bound to be something to discover.

Museums and galleries

While special exhibitions can be costly, the standard exhibitions at local galleries are usually free of charge for visitors. There could be all sorts of displays worth checking out for an extra dose of culture.


You don’t have to own a pool to enjoy some fun in the sun. See if your city offers a free (or cheap) local pool you can dip your toes in. If not, why not jump in the car and seek out the closest beach or watering hole?

Crack out the ball at your local park

Relive your childhood days and drag a few friends to your local park. Bring a soccer ball, play some backyard cricket or just set up a picnic blanket in the sun. You could even clamber the playgrounds (if there aren’t too many kids around). You’d be surprised at how much more sophisticated outdoor play areas have become!

Check out your local farmers market

Sometimes the best thing about farmers markets (besides all the fresh food and produce) are the free samples. If you time your visit right, you could wander the stalls and fill up on all the freebies! Farmers markets are a great place to meet the locals, and if you can replace your usual lunch with some delicious food, that’s even better!


Being economic with your days off can leave you with much more money in your back pocket. Challenge yourself to try some of these suggestions and see how much you can grow your savings!


Not sure what to do with all your extra cash?

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