Grow your retirement savings with your small change! Jun 12, 2019


Grow your retirement savings with your small change!


Whether we’re managing shift work, studies, family, or even just trying to maintain a healthy work-life balance, most of us live very busy lives. So it’s no wonder that not many of us find the time, the finances or the energy to start contributing extra money to super. In fact, 72% of people recently surveyed by Intrust Super said they did not currently contribute extra money to super – despite 71% feeling concerned they won’t have enough super to live a comfortable retirement.

But now there’s a savings app available for Intrust Super members who are struggling with this exact problem. The app, called SuperCents®, can help you start growing your retirement savings without even thinking about it.

How does it work?

You can use the SuperCents app to round up the costs of your everyday transactions. You can choose to round up to the nearest dollar, or even five dollars each time you make a purchase. An extra 50c on your $4.50 coffee purchase can go to your Intrust Super account. Whenever you make purchases here and there, you will be helping your retirement savings grow in the background!

Receive a super bonus from the Government

Many Intrust Super members could qualify for a Government super bonus if they made extra contributions. SuperCents could help them receive the Government co-contribution to boost their super even more.

If you earn less than $52,697, SuperCents will help you receive this Government bonus. For every dollar you contribute, the Government will match your contribution by a certain percentage (depending on your income). If you earn less than $37,697 and make extra contributions, you could receive up to $500 extra in your super from the Government scheme.

Saving for a home? SuperCents could help!

If you’re saving for your first-home, using SuperCents could also help you grow your deposit! The First Home Super Saver (FHSS) scheme allows first-home buyers to use their super account for the purposes of saving for a home. When you make personal contributions to super, that money can count towards your FHSS balance. By contributing your small change to your super account, using the SuperCents app, you could be growing your first home deposit at the same time. Read more about the FHSS scheme here, and start growing your deposit!

Keen to get started?

Download SuperCents from the App Store or Google Play today!