Happy Father’s Day! Sep 4, 2020

Father's Day 2020 resized

A very happy Father’s Day to all the super dads out there.

After such a tumultuous year, we wanted to take the opportunity to celebrate the little moments between fathers and their children. So we asked the dads in the Intrust Super team to share some of their favourite experiences of fatherhood.

Tony McGraw, Business Operations Advisor:

“Being a dad was always something I looked forward to, but I guess you never really know the feeling of being a parent until it happens. The moment my son, Lewis, was born changed my world. Whilst it’s been the best job ever, it hasn’t always gone to plan.

“Like the first trip to the shops as a family once Lewis came home – we realised we didn’t have a clue how to open the pram. Thanks to the help of some strangers, it popped open, only for us to realise that we completely forgot to bring a baby bag… No nappies, no change of clothes, no nothing. Epic fail.

“Things appeared to get easier, but you’re always bought back down to earth with the smallest of things. Like that moment you realise you forgot to teach your two year old son that you don’t grab the candles on your birthday cake to put them out. Yep, that happened.

“But I wouldn’t change it for the world. Having a mini me is the best, and seeing how much he idolises his dad just makes me want to be the best dad I can be.”

Aaron Lee, Executive Manager – Marketing:

“When my eldest son was around four, I took him to the pub for a small counter meal. He insisted he wanted “just chips”. After ten minutes of debate, he still insisted on “just chips”. So I ordered myself the calamari rings, and ordered my son the chips. When the food came out, before he got stuck into his chips, I asked him to at least try the calamari rings. He agreed. When he tried them, his face lit up.

“Needless to say, that night I had “just chips” for dinner.

“We’re vegan now and every time he eats in a new place, the first thing he looks for is whether or not they have vegan ‘calamari’.”

Brendan O’Farrell, CEO:

“Being a father of three grown up kids always has its challenges. Watching them grow into their own person is always rewarding – especially when they all take a little bit of your teachings with them into adulthood. The biggest lesson I’ve learned is that whatever you think they will do with their lives probably won’t happen! They will always find their own level of success. As long as they carry with them some core values like integrity, being respectful to others and always giving it their best shot (and most important of all, being nice to their dad!), then the rest is pretty irrelevant.”

Geoff Chiapello, Communications Manager:

“Just recently, I had a parent/teacher interview about my nine year old son. The teacher was very impressed with how much he had improved and matured since returning from the home-schooling situation brought on by COVID-19. I was very proud of him and relieved that, as parents, we had done a fair enough job becoming part-time teachers while we juggled our own work during lockdown.”