Happy Mother’s Day! May 12, 2019

Mother's Day 2019 sm

Happy Mother’s Day!


A very happy Mother’s Day to all the super mums out there, from everyone at Intrust Super.

As a way of saying thanks, some of the Intrust Super team have shared the lessons they’ve learned from their mums that are still helping them through life today.


“My Mum taught me to be patient and supportive. With myself and three brothers, she was remarkably patient with us and through good times and bad she was always supportive of our choices. She also taught us to believe in ourselves and encouraged us to do what we love doing. I’ve been very lucky to have such a great role model as a mother.”

– Julie Bates, Relationship Manager


“I’m grateful to my mum for loving me unconditionally and teaching me to accept that some things are just out of my control.”

– Doreen Caleb, Supervisor – Member Relationships


“My Mum taught me to only carry the emotions you need for the day. All remaining thoughts that can get in the way should stay in a special set of drawers at home.”

– Malcolm McBeath, Relationship Manager


“My mum is the strongest woman I know. Life has never been easy and she has risen above every challenge with her head held high. She taught me to pay for your rent first, bills second and food third.”

– Jacqui Hurford, Graphic Designer


“Some lessons I learned from my mother is to always work hard, be caring towards others and to ‘walk the talk’ by doing the things you say you’re going to do.”

– Lawrence Chand, Executive Manager – Finance and Business Operations


“My Mum taught me that the first step in a difficult task is to write a simple list. She also showed me the financial power of making a budget and sticking to it. I’ve never strayed from either path since.”

– Phoebe Clark, Communications Specialist


“My Mum is fiercely protective of everyone in my family and has ensured we are always there for each other, regardless of distance. I feel really blessed to have such a close relationship with my Mum, she is my best friend.”

– Deb Watson, Relationship Manager