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How to travel on the cheap

How to travel on the cheap


Travelling is a great way to experience different cultures and throw yourself into new adventures, but quite often the problem is finding the money and the time to visit all the places on your list. When you live in a country like Australia, the cost of the flights alone can often cost just as much as the holiday itself. There are a few ways to reduce your travel expenses, though.

We’ve put together some tips that can help you fill up your annual leave now, or even keep travel on your list of retirement plans.

Sign up to mailing lists

It sounds like the last thing you’d want to be doing, but it really can be impossible to keep track of the many deals that are available at any one time. You can sign up specifically to receive emails whenever sales are on with most Australian airlines, but there’s also plenty of independent sites that will keep you on top of any cheap flights.

Have flexible dates

Travel prices vary throughout the year and can be particularly high around public and school holidays. With flexible dates, you can choose a more cost-effective time period for your travels. This is especially true if you can plan your travel days to avoid weekends, as mid-week prices can generally be much cheaper.

Join a Rewards program

Plenty of companies offer reward programs to help you accrue loyalty points or earn discounts. Many programs can help to make accommodation, flights, car rental and dining more affordable. Choose an airline company you use frequently and sign up for their frequent flyer program. Intrust Super members can also access great discounts on accommodation and ticket prices to many tourist attractions in Australia. Sign up for Intrust Super Rewards and save on your next holiday!

Prepare your own meals

Food costs are something that can be easily overlooked when you plan your holidays, but when you have no choice but to eat out regularly, it can be quite an expense. Many hotels have begun including kitchenettes and communal dining spaces to appeal to those who are looking for a home-away-from-home option. You can save on travel expenses by cooking your own food some nights. It’s especially handy to be able to just assemble your own breakfast in your room before heading off for the day’s adventures.

Embrace free activities

Most places around the world offer plenty of free activities to help you save on your holiday entertainment. Do some research on your destination to find companies that offer free walking tours and other activities. Food markets are a great place to soak up some culture and take advantage of free food samples. Many cities also have plenty of tall buildings that will allow you to visit an observation deck for free, rather than paying hundreds to see the city sights from a tourist attraction. You could look into options like the Sky Garden in London, the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building or the LA Observation Deck in City Hall.