In this fast-changing digital world, is service being lost? Jun 19, 2019

Shot of salesman helping customer to choose some types of fruits in health grocery shop.

In this fast-changing digital world, is service being lost?


Success for a hospitality business can hinge on the quality of its customer service, and on the connections that are built between service staff and customers. Some of the best customer experiences at a pub, cafe or a hotel occur thanks to amazing customer service. It can be the little human interactions that really help to improve the customer experience and cultivate customer loyalty.

As more and more of our services are replaced by digital interactions, it’s a worry that the importance of customer service could become lost. We can go to a restaurant and place our order directly through a digital screen, or even stay on our couch at home and order a favourite meal through an app on our phone. There’s no need to interact with anyone else at all.

It’s the same with most services. We can check in to flights online, order a cab through an app, and sort out public transport via our smart phones. Our finances are all handled electronically – nobody ever talks to a person at a bank anymore, and even financial advice can be received online through robo-advice.

Intrust Super has worked closely with the hospitality industry for 30 years. And we understand that it’s the human interactions and connections that help make the best kind of customer experience. We also understand that digital access can make life easier, and so we strive to provide as much electronic access to super as possible. Members can log in to their accounts and find and combine any extra account online. They can use our app to contribute to their super account and our online services to receive financial advice. They can communicate with us via email or social media if digital communication suits them better.

At the same time, we make sure direct assistance is available when to our members when they need it. As an Intrust Super member, if you need help, if you just want something resolved, sometimes there’s nothing better than talking to a real person who understands exactly what you need or how to solve your problem.

Service is one of Intrust Super’s core company values. We strive to provide the kind of customer service we see our hospitality partners providing customers every day. If our members need help, they can call their Account Manager directly. If a business partner wants staff to learn more about super, we have financial wellness programs and educational seminars that can be set up at individual workplaces. Our Relationship Managers service businesses across Australia to ensure our members can access face-to-face assistance when they need it.

Online interactions are a crucial component to our development in this modern age. But it’s important that human interaction doesn’t get lost in our quest to become ‘digitised’. Human connection can be all the difference when it comes to good customer experiences. That’s why Intrust Super strives to always provide personalised service to our members whenever they need it.

Need any help?

If you have received a digital welcome card, you’ll find your account manager’s direct number listed on the contact. You can also get in touch with your local Relationship Manager – their details can be found here.