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Maroons legends visit the PA Hospital

Maroons legends visit the PA Hospital


Intrust Super organised a surprise visit to congratulate the winners of the PA Hospital’s annual Origin decorating competition last week. Staff and patients at the PA Hospital were thrilled to meet Maroons legends Corey Parker and Brent Tate!

The hard workers at the PA Hospital were able to show off their footy spirit when the hospital organised an Origin ward decorating competition. Intrust Super thought it was only fitting to arrange a visit from Corey Parker and Brent Tate to congratulate the winners.

The former Maroons players met the winners, Ward 5A, and were impressed by their support and enthusiasm. Both players spoke about their best Origin moments and how much they enjoyed playing for Queensland. They also visited patients at the hospital and participated in some lively debate over who might win the NRL series this year.

Thanks to the QRL and the PA Research Foundation for helping us organise the visit, and to the PA Hospital and Ward 5A for their fantastic footy spirit!