Maroons visited local rural hero Dec 10, 2020

QLD hero main pic

Maroons legends headed to Biloela on 9 December to catch up with one of Queensland’s unsung heroes.

Biloela’s Kate Ball is a true Queensland hero who has been caring for her husband Steven, who suffered a major head injury, for the last six months.

Mrs Ball was nominated by her brother Kerryn Benecke and won Intrust Super’s Queensland local hero initiative with a staggering 822 votes.

“Steven is a massive football fan, a true Queenslander. Having the Origin greats in his local town and meeting them will be the cherry on top for his recovery and celebration of coming home,” said Mr Benecke.

“Steven has been learning to walk, talk, remember who everyone is and (relearning) the basic day to day living essentials. My hero, my big sister, has been by his side every day and has never given up hope. With four young children, bloody COVID and the general struggles of life, she has not once complained or lost sight of their future together,” stated Mr Benecke in his nomination.

After the events of 2020, Intrust Super wanted to highlight and recognise a true local Queensland hero put together the initiative with the help of the QRL and the Queensland Maroons. 

Intrust Super CEO Brendan O’Farrell, said: “We truly wish Steven all the best with his recovery.”

“Kate’s story was only one of the amazing nominations the campaign highlighted and Intrust Super is very proud that we got to showcase some of the truly wonderful Queenslanders and unsung heroes of our community,” Mr O’Farrell said.

“It’s been a tough year for everyone, and with our partners at the QRL and with the help of the Queensland Maroons, we wanted to showcase those local heroes, and bring some smiles to their faces and their community.”