Protecting your personal information May 5, 2021

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Over $9.8 million has been stolen by fraudsters since the beginning of the COVID-19 outbreak1.

Unfortunately periods of disruption, like the COVID-19 pandemic, present lucrative opportunities for scam artists. Fraudsters exploit these opportunities with endless scams to try and trick us into handing over our money, or, inadvertently, the code to the safe. They are always looking for opportunities to buy, trick or steal pieces of information from a range of sources. These will help them construct the ‘jigsaw’ of information needed to access your money, whether it’s at the bank or in your superannuation account.

Intrust Super has strict controls and security systems in place to protect your information. The Fund continually reviews and invests in new technologies to combat risks, keeping up with the ever-changing ways fraudsters attack financial targets. 

Nonetheless, our security controls are most effective when our members are vigilant about their personal information and account security. There are a few simple ways you can help us protect your account and your personal information.

  1. Be wary of cold callers offering financial advice and early access to your super. Australians have lost millions of dollars due to promises of early access to super, including through self-managed super funds or falsified financial hardship claims.
  2. Always be mindful about providing your personal details to third-party providers (particularly to people you haven’t met in person or over the phone). 
  3. Avoid games on social media platforms that collect your details to ‘tell your future’, give you a free gift or reveal ‘what your name means’. These are usually too good to be true and may use the data you provide for malicious purposes.
  4. Be cautious when replying to emails or text messages that seek your personal information, and never click on links from an untrusted source.
  5. Always protect your passwords and avoid using the same password for multiple accounts.
  6. If you send personal information via email to a legitimate recipient, delete the item from your sent inbox in case your email is ever compromised.  
  7. Log in to MemberAccess regularly to check your transactions. 
  8. Use two-factor authentication whenever you can.
  9. Take employer data breaches seriously. If you are advised that your employer has experienced a data breach, ensure you check your details and assets are secure.
  10. Always use the latest software on your phone, tablet and computer and make sure any anti-virus tools are kept up to date. 
  11. Check your contact details in MemberAccess and on myGov to ensure they haven’t been changed without your authorisation.

If in doubt, call us on 132 467!

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACC) reports on some of latest scams that have been encountered in Australia, and what to watch out for. Visit Scamwatch for more information. 

If you are at all concerned that your account has been compromised, please get in touch with Intrust Super immediately on 132 467.

1Source: Australian Competition and Consumer Commission, Scamwatch