Resolutions for 2019/20 Aug 22, 2019

Young stressed woman is sorting out wardrobe

Resolutions for 2019/20

We’ve got five new financial year resolutions that could help you prioritise your finances in 2019/20.

Commit to a challenge

There are all sorts of fun challenges around to help encourage people to save money. You could try to fill a 375mL Coke bottle with $2 coins and save almost $1,000. There’s also ‘money bingo’, where you save $1,000 across the year by crossing off one small denomination each week. Committing to a challenge can be a fun way to encourage yourself to stick to your savings goals.

Start saving without even thinking about it

If you haven’t already downloaded Intrust Super’s new app, SuperCents®, then this is an easy one. SuperCents® is Intrust Super’s new app that can help you grow your retirement savings without even thinking about it. With SuperCents®, you can round-up your everyday purchases and transfer the difference straight to your super account. The small change you save now could add up to thousands of dollars in retirement.

Download SuperCents® from the App Store or Google Play today!

De-clutter for profit

We can all be guilty of accumulating “stuff” that we just don’t need or use – especially in our wardrobes. Rather than let it fill up your storage space, why not sell the items you’re just not using? With so many online marketplaces available, it’s a great way to clear out your clutter and make some extra cash as well.

Reduce your impulse purchases

One really easy way to reduce your outgoing expenses (and save more) is to limit your impulse purchases. This doesn’t mean you have to stop buying things altogether – just give yourself time to think about every purchase before you buy it. When you see something you want, add it to a list and give yourself four weeks until you can make the purchase. If you still want it after that (and you have the finances for it), you can probably justify the purchase. If you don’t want it anymore, that’s more money in your pocket!

Get a ‘financial health check’

An easy way to start engaging with your finances is to get a financial plan. Intrust Super members have access to a free online financial advice service called Super Blueprint. Super Blueprint can access your membership data to deliver you a personalised financial plan and provide some recommendations. Use Super Blueprint today – just log in to MemberAccess, navigate to the Financial Advice tab and follow the prompts.