Select Super

Select Super gives members all the benefits of an Intrust Super account, whether or not consistent employer contributions are being made.

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Select Super

Select Super is for people who want to benefit from being a member of Intrust Super but who don’t want or don’t have consistent employer contributions being paid into their account (e.g. self-employed, spouses of members etc.). 

Through Select Super, you can choose between 10 investment options and also have the option of taking up income protection insurance cover.

The benefits of investing with Select Super include:

Select Super at a glance:

Investment optionsYou can choose from five pooled and five individual asset class investment options. You can find out more about our investment options here.
Minimum investmentThere is no minimum investment amount.


Type of fee or costDescription
Investment Fee*0.77%^ per annum [for Balanced option]

Administration Fee*

$1.75 per week
0.30% per annum of your account balance

Buy-sell SpreadNil
Switching FeeNil
Exit FeeNil
Indirect Cost ratioNil

Additional fees may apply. You should read the Other Important Information: Fees and Costs document for more information about service fees and other fees and costs that may be charged.

*Administration and investment fees [including indirect costs] are capped at 3% per annum for members who have a final balance of less than $6000 in any financial year. The 3% cap is calculated on the last day of each financial year or, where a member leaves the Fund part way through the year, on the date the member exits the Fund.
^The Investment fee includes a performance-based fee of 0.02%. These fees are an estimate, derived from the actual fees and costs for the Select Super option for the year ended 30 June 2020.

For more information about Select Super’s insurance options, fees and investment options, read the Product Disclosure Statement and Other Important Information documents available on our Forms and Documents page.

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