Super Stream - Transition to retirement

If you are entitled to access your super and you’re still working, you can open a Super Stream Transition to Retirement account and receive income from your super as well as your job. Use it to top up your income while working less or combine a pension with salary sacrifice to boost your super in a tax-effective way.

Key Features

Income payment amount calculated based on your account balance and minimum pension factors each year. Maximum of 10% of account balance per year.

Income payment frequency Fortnightly, monthly, quarterly, half-yearly or annually
Minimum investment amount $20,000
Investment choices Select one option or a mixture of options from a range of investment choices. If you do not make a choice, your money will be invested in the Balanced option. You can switch investment options with absolutely no charge. You can switch investments up to once a week.
Lump sum withdrawals Under current legislation, this option is not available.
Investment earnings Investment earnings are taxed at up to 15 per cent.

Salary sacrifice and transition to retirement pensions

Salary sacrificing your pay into your super and taking income from a Super Stream Transition to Retirement account instead could make a big difference to your retirement benefit. That’s because income from your super is tax free once you turn 60, and for most people, more tax effective than regular income between the ages of 55 and 59.

The example below shows how this strategy can work.

Bill, age 60, earns $52,000 p.a. and currently has $150,000 in his Intrust Super account. If he commences salary sacrifice contributions of $20,000 and replaces the drop in take-home pay by starting a Transition to Retirement account on 1 July and draws a pension of $14,375, his overall super balance would be $2,625 better off after a year – without any less in his pocket each fortnight.


Bill No TTR and salary sacrifice With TTR and salary sacrifice
Salary $52,000 $52,000
Less salary sacrifice to super $0 ($20,000)
Less income tax ($8,187) ($2,562)
Plus Transition to Retirement pension income $0 $14,375
Net income $43,813 $43,813
Amount added to super
Employer (9.5%) $4,940 $4,940
Salary sacrifice $0 $20,000
Less contribution tax ($741) ($3,741)
Less amount taken from super for transition to retirement ($0) ($14,375)
Overall benefit to super $4,199 $6,824
Net benefit $2,625

You should consider the Super Stream Product Disclosure Statement before purchasing a pension product.

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