Do you find it hard to save a little extra for your retirement, or maybe can’t find the time to set up payments to your super?  SuperCents is your new app that will let you save for your future without even thinking about it!

Introducing SuperCents
SuperCents is a brand-new savings app to help you invest spare change from your everyday transactions into your super account. With SuperCents, you can start growing your savings without even having to think about it.

Helping you save
SuperCents has been designed to make sense for Australians workers, to suit their time and finances. We wanted to make sure members who could be eligible to receive bonus super money weren’t missing out. With SuperCents, the small change you save now could add up to thousands of dollars in retirement. Better still, it could help you become eligible to receive extra super money from the Government. You could even use SuperCents to help you save for a house deposit!

How does it work?
SuperCents is an app that rounds-up your everyday transactions and transfers the difference into your super account with your permission. Whenever you make a purchase, like lunch, coffee or a beer, your purchase will be rounded up, and the extra money put aside to be transferred to your super account. After a few months, these transactions will start to add up, until you’ve made a significant boost to your super without even realising it!

How to set up SuperCents

Please watch the quick instructional video above to help you set up SuperCents and then watch your super grow!

Please note - Use of the App will incur a non-refundable fee to the value of $1.10 (inc GST) per month, charged upon activation of the App and at the beginning of each calendar month thereafter. This amount shall be automatically deducted from your Funding Account.

Contribution limits

It’s important to note that contributions (concessional and non-concessional) are capped on an annual basis by the Australian Taxation Office. You should keep an eye on your contributions throughout the year to make sure you do not exceed any caps.

SuperCents FAQs

Click here for the most frequently asked questions about the SuperCents app

For more information please call 132 467. We’re at your service.

SuperCents terms of service