Supporting our local businesses this Australia Day (and throughout 2021!) Jan 26, 2021


If the first few weeks of 2021 have shown us anything, it’s that the problems of 2020 are going to be sticking around for a while yet. Lockdowns and border issues are still a growing concern across the country. In addition, the fiscal supports that are currently helping a lot of businesses stay open, such as JobKeeper payments, are due to cease in March 2021.

This means Australian businesses will still be worried about what the future might bring. And many of our local businesses will still need our help this year.

Here are four simple ways you can help support local Australian businesses this year. Let’s work together to make 2021 a much better year than 2020!

  1. Visit regional Australia

    International borders are likely to be closed for some time yet. If internal borders are still making you feel worried about booking interstate, why not take a road trip through the regional areas of your state instead? There are so many great small towns and country pubs and to discover across our beautiful country – and the regional tourism industry would love your support!

  2. Visit physical venues when they’re open

    Online shopping and food delivery have been saviours for businesses during lockdown periods, but while they’re open, brick and mortar businesses need your patronage. Why not show them how grateful we are that they’re open by popping in for a visit? We all love having a local store, café, pub or brewery that’s easily accessible, and the best way to make sure they stick around is to give them your support in person!

  3. Spread the word!

    Online reviews and social media are great ways to let people know about a fantastic local business that needs a bit more love. Taking photos of your food “for the ‘gram” might feel passé these days, but don’t forget that sharing an enjoyable experience can be invaluable marketing for a hospitality business. If you had a great stay, a great meal, or experienced great service – spread the word!

  4. Support your local!

    Play tourist in your local area. Many cities across Australia are running tourism campaigns to restart the local economy, and there’s lots of events and experiences to be found! Websites such as Eventbrite are great resources to find events and activities happing near you.

Intrust Super has also been supporting the hospitality and tourism industry during the pandemic by running a #supportyourlocal campaign on our Instagram page. Follow our page to find out what venues are offering specials and deals in your area!