Female bartender working

That’s how you know you work in hospitality

That’s how you know you work in hospitality


You know you work in hospitality when…

You’re always saying no to events on Friday and Saturday nights, and wondering why your friends don’t ever want to do things on a Sunday night instead.

A normal sleep routine does not exist in your week anywhere. Not even on a day off, when you spend much of the day catching up on all the sleep you’ve lost.

You’re an expert at staying patient, understanding and being open-minded, even when you’re feeling so tired you just want to go home and sleep until tomorrow.

You’ve no need to join the gym – you get enough exercise during work hours, dashing back and forth between tables, customers and rooms while keeping a growing to-do list in your head.

Some of your weekly pay is lost on bandages and creams to soothe your blistered and aching feet.

You get to try new menus, new drinks, and all the latest beers on tap, and you always know a lot more about the newest bar that’s opened in your city before most of your mates do.

You get to spend your work hours hanging out with all kinds of people, hearing new perspectives that you may never have otherwise considered.

You feel secure in the knowledge that you could safely get a job anywhere in the world if you ever need a change of scenery.

You know every day at work is going to bring completely different people, challenges and events – and you love that about your job.

You couldn’t imagine sitting in an office cubicle 9-5 when you know there’s so much more energy and atmosphere to be found at work.

You find yourself working when everyone else has time off – weekends, public holidays, Christmas… And you don’t even mind that much. Because if you’re not at work, how will your favourite customers get their daily coffee fix?

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