a coffee shop worker smiles at the customer as she recommends her favourite thing on the menu . In the background a male colleague is making coffee and other customers can be seen having fun

The easiest way to make someone’s day

The easiest way to make someone’s day


Has your Monday morning ever been brightened by the cheerful chatter of your local barista, who can nail your order as soon as you walk in the door? What about when a waiter leads you straight to your favourite table?

If you work in hospitality, you must love that feeling as well. But for you, it’s the feeling that you’ve helped improve someone’s morning. After all, you really do have the power to make someone’s day. An extra treat with their coffee when a customer seems overly tired or stressed. A smile and a joke with a regular. Taking a moment to listen to a hotel guest tell you about their day. These are all powerful interactions and connections that you make with customers when you work in hospitality.

To you, it probably feels like every customer interaction blurs together, especially when you’re on your feet all day, and juggling multiple obligations at once. But that joke you cracked could have made a great impression on that Dad who was sorting lunch for his young children. Or the business woman who just desperately needed a coffee break. In fact, you can have such a big impact on people, your brief interaction could easily become the bright spot in someone’s otherwise crappy day.

At Intrust Super, we see the impact exceptional customer service can have on a customer’s day. We see it because our hospitality partners provide that level of service every single day.

So when someone calls Intrust Super seeking help or assistance, it’s our priority to provide them with the best possible customer experience. We try to remember the power that customer service has, and the example set by our hospitality partners. It’s a great feeling when we know a customer is walking away feeling a little more cheerful. After all, that one positive interaction with us could be helping to brighten a member’s day.

Should you ever require super assistance, you can contact your local relationship manager (their details can be found here), submit a request to have us call you here, or call our contact centre on 132 467.

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