Your sporting experience could boost your career potential

Your sporting experience could boost your career potential

Intrust Super’s work with community football has helped us understand just how much the skills found in sport are aligned with those found in the workplace. It’s easy to see how much sportsmanship can help produce skills that may later come in handy in a professional career.

We’ve put together three ways that the skills learned on the sports field can also be beneficial in the workplace. It really goes to show just how much value sport can add to a variety of aspects of our life.

Recognising strengths and weaknesses

Just as those in a sporting team are assigned positions on the field that are based on their strengths and weaknesses, a workplace and business organises staff in much the same way. The best coaches and sports leaders can recognise where each individual is likely to excel in their team. Our business partners also successfully manage their staff and colleagues by ensuring everyone is working in a space that will maximise their potential. When the right people are working in the right roles, and everyone can work together to achieve the company goals, that’s when a business, and a team, can really shine.

Working together to achieve a common goal

Team sports are all about everyone working together to achieve a collective goal. Whether you’re playing in a social or professional sport, your team may struggle to succeed if too many individuals are out for themselves. Instead, teammates should be supporting and assisting each other because ultimately, everyone is seeking the same outcome. Where a sports team might be aiming to win their game or their premiership, a business can also succeed when everyone is working towards the realisation of their company’s objectives. After all, the success of one should mean the success of everybody, regardless of the position or department they work in.

Taking responsibility for mistakes

Working as a team means to take responsibility for mistakes as a team, and not blame problems on one individual. If a football team struggled in a weekend match, the problems with the game should be reviewed and improved upon as a group. And it’s the same in any workplace. Although individuals can make mistakes, sometimes it’s important to look for the reason behind the mistake. In a workplace, for instance, it might be that a high-pressure environment has led to a panicked reaction. Mistakes could provide an opportunity to improve processes or training. At the same time, working in a team – whether it be in sport or in the workplace – also means it’s important to be accountable for mistakes that are made. Taking ownership of the issue can help everyone ensure that similar mistakes aren’t repeated.



We’ve listed just some of the ways that the skills learned in sport can lead to success in the workplace. Whether you play sport at a school, community or professional level, there are plenty of skills that will stay with you as you develop your career. It’s that same level of leadership, passion and teamwork that your professional team can use to help your business achieve success.